Rising Producer CORSAK Says Being First Chinese Artist on Liquid State Label 'An Honor'

Courtesy of Billboard Radio China/ Sony Music Asia 


Having released his debut single, "Reverse," featuring Chinese singer Ma Yinyin back in July 2018, it's only now, after Chinese New Year 2019, that Shanghai-based Chinese producer CORSAK is seeing the track's true potential come to life.

Due to its popularity on a short-video social-media platform, "Reverse" has shot up the charts in China, peaking in the top 5 on Chinese streaming platforms and registering over 75 million streams in January (according to Sony Music Asia's official reference) -- an almost unheard-of feat in the market.

CORSAK recently sat down with Billboard Radio China at Chengdu FM to talk about "Reverse," collaborating with Alan Walker on the "Different World" single, and his upcoming plans under his record label, Liquid State.

"Reverse" has resonated particularly well with the local audience due to the romantic and beautiful nature of its lyrics. On the platform alone, "It's been featured in over 2 million UGC videos, while I have seen over 200,000 followers added to my profile since it peaked at No. 1 on streaming platform charts in China. Half a year after the release, the song has now received 125 million Chinese streams," CORSAK said. 

He continued: "It's been so incredible to see the reaction of all the fans to 'Reverse'. It was nearly a year ago today when I wrote the original lyrics. To see everyone covering the song and creating all these videos with my music all over the internet has been so special."

He said that when he writes songs, he draws inspiration from both ancient and modern culture from his homeland of China. "It's an honor to become the first Chinese act signing to Liquid State," he said, referring to the joint venture formed between Tencent Music Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment last year.

In addition, CORSAK was recently part of a #DifferentWorld campaign that coincided with the release of his "Different World" collaboration with Alan Walker, K-391 and Sofia Carson.

With a combined 200 million global streams across two songs, it's been a fast start for CORSAK, and he has promised much more over the coming months, with a host of new releases and remixes primed for release. Check out the full Mandarin interview on Billboard Radio China.