Watch Japanese Rapper KREVA's New Music Video Shot in London

Courtesy of Billboard Japan


Japanese rapper KREVA kicked off his 15th anniversary year as a solo artist with a new single called "Neiro - 2019 Ver." released in January.

The hip-hop star will drop a new single every month until Sept. 8, the day he released his solo-debut single, "Neiro," back in 2004.

The 2019 version of the popular number was re-recorded with a live band, and the accompanying music video shot on location in London was released Wednesday (Feb. 27). Watch the short version below:

"Neiro" is the Japanese word for "sound," "tone" or "timbre" and is written with the combination of two kanji characters meaning "sound" and "color." KREVA says that when he finished recording the new version, he imagined himself wandering through a city in search of sounds, and explained to his team that this city wasn't anywhere in Japan but somewhere in Europe.

The director of the video, Masaki Ohkita, also felt that the band's sound added human warmth and a kind of shiny gloss to the classic number, and decided that the city of London after rain was the perfect location to shoot the music video. Ohkita is a visual artist with a long list of J-pop, rock and rap music videos under his belt, including KREVA and his hip-hop group, KICK THE CAN CREW.

The shooting took place in early February, and the video features KREVA walking down Leake Street, through Leadenhall Market, and by the Thames in search of various sounds throughout the beautiful city of London. He can also be seen delivering his verses in the grand staircase hall of Goldsmith's Hall.