Japan's Man With a Mission Writes Song for Square Enix Video Game 'Left Alive'

Man With A Mission
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Man With A Mission 

Japanese wolf-rockers MAN WITH A MISSION are set to release "Left Alive," the commercial song for the upcoming Square Enix video game by the same name.

The new track will drop Feb. 28, the same day the “survival action shooter” is released in Japan. LEFT ALIVE will become available in other regions March 5.

The game features Wanzers, walking-type mobile weapons from the Front Mission series. One of these is named Volk, meaning "wolf" in Russian, which inspired the game's production team to make an offer to MWAM to collaborate on the song.

The artwork for the single is illustrated by Yoji Shinkawa, the Metal Gear artist who designed the characters for LEFT ALIVE, and is linked to the world depicted in the game. Watch here: