Yellow Magic Orchestra Shares Details of 40th Anniversary Vinyl Box Sets

Yellow Magic Orchestra
Courtesy of WireImage

Yellow Magic Orchestra

Pioneering Japanese electronic music trio Yellow Magic Orchestra is celebrating its 40th year in music with a remastered reissues project called YMO40, and shared details of the second release of Collector's Vinyl Editions set for Feb. 27.

The Collector's Vinyl Editions of Public Pressure and ×∞Multiplies will be made available as double 12-inch 45rpm vinyls, and like the first release -- Japanese and U.S. versions of Yellow Magic Orchestra and Solid State Survivor -- the records will be set in a special box along with a booklet featuring new liner notes and interviews plus replicas of items related to the production of the original release.

Public Pressure will come with replicas of the multitrack tape labels from the live recording of the concert at The Venue in London on Oct. 16, 1979; replicas of backstage passes from their Trans Atlantic Tour; replica of the YMO fan club membership card; and reprinted LP jackets, obi and liner. A 2003 interview with Japanese singer-songwriter Akiko Yano, who participated in the group’s tour at the time, will also be included.

×∞Multiplies will be equipped with track sheet replicas; reprinted cardboard case and album cover; and reprinted album cover, obi and poster of the original U.S. version. In the interview, all three members of the Snakeman Show sketches share stories about the unit’s origins and recall working with YMO on the original album.

The YMO40 project has announced 10 titles in all, with BGM, Technodelic, Naughty Boys, Service and After Service in the upcoming lineup.