Hong Kong Rockers Bamboo Star Release New English EP, 'No Hard Feelings'

Bamboo Star
Courtesy of Billboard Radio China

Bamboo Star

Hong Kong rockers Bamboo Star have had a triumphant start to their newest release, No Hard Feelings, finding success in the U.S. radio circuit.

Recorded with L.A.-based producer Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Airbourne, Shinedown), the high-energy EP has already hit No. 8 on the North American College and Community (NACC) Radio Heavy Top 30 chart as of the first week of December.

This positive reception of the EP followed from success of the lead single, "It's Just Business," in September 2018. "It's Just Business" was accompanied by a tongue-in-cheek claymation music video that the band painstakingly produced themselves.

Bamboo Star was created by Australian-Hong Kong frontman and vocalist Wolf Red and Canadian-Chinese lead guitarist Terence Ng, who together with Hong Kong local bassist Jasmine Wong and drummer Lawrence Wong are making some of the most captivating rock music out of Asia. Bamboo Star's name is an English play-on-words for an old Cantonese slang for a person caught between Chinese and Western cultures.

The band told Billboard Radio China, "Our music is for anyone who has ever felt like they fit in everywhere and nowhere." For them, rock has always been the voice of the disenfranchised and aims to bring people together.

On reaching radio charts in the U.S., the band says, "It's a real honor and quite surreal. None of us saw this coming at all. We're a band all the way from Hong Kong; it's tremendously flattering that people connected with our music from the other side of the globe. It means that rock music can truly be a world language."