Canto-pop Singer Jason Chan Releases English Single, 'You Are Not Alone': Listen

Jason Chan
Vincent Chen/Courtesy of Billboard Radio China  

Jason Chan

This Christmas, Canto-pop singer Jason Chan held three days of concerts Monday to Wednesday (Dec. 24 to 26), called Jason Chan Not Alone Live 2018, at Star Hall of KITEC to celebrate with fans in Hong Kong.

His new English single, "You Are Not Alone," published by Sony Music Asia Pacific, was the theme song of the concert. Chan collaborated with Swedish writer Michael Fatkin and Gavin Jones.

Chan began composing songs recently, some of which are on his new Cantonese album, Present. Participating in Sweden's Writing Camp in June, Chan experienced different composing methods, especially when he got the chance to form a team with the Swedish composers Fatkin and Jones.

Chan shared to Billboard Radio China, "This is actually the first time for me to co-write songs with others, which is totally different from what I imagined. When it comes to co-writing, I used to fantasize that half of the melody is composed by myself and the other half is composed by others; or the melody is composed through jamming songs."

During the Writing Camp session, Fatkin and Jones were composing the song together, and Chan participated in the arrangement, which filled the song, "You Are Not Alone," with Chan's soul.

In order to fit in with the concert theme, Fatkin and Jones decided to write lyrics about the joyfulness and warmth of a "not alone" Christmas. Chan said he feels blessed to be with others this time of year.

Chan signed to Sony Music Hong Kong since 2006 and released his debut album, First Experience, in 2007 and has since released more than 12 albums.