Billboard Radio China FM Will Begin Airing Billboard Japan Hot 100 Weekly Top 10

Billboard Radio China
Courtesy of Billboard Radio China / Billboard Japan 

Billboard Radio China’s Hong Kong studio.

Billboard sister organizations Billboard Radio China and Billboard Japan will launch a new Billboard Japan Hot 100 Chart Countdown segment on Billboard Radio China FM. 

Beginning the second week of January 2019, Chinese audiences will now hear the latest Billboard Japan Hot 100 Weekly Top 10 Song Highlights and get to know what is trending in J-Pop.

The Billboard Japan Hot 100 currently combines physical and digital sales, radio airplay, streaming, Twitter mentions, YouTube and GYAO! video views and Gracenote look-ups, which counts how many times a CD is ripped onto a computer. In order to reflect the ever-changing music landscape and the different ways music is consumed, starting December 2018, the chart introduced the karaoke metric, as more and more users use karaoke as a means to "interact" with music.

"We are delighted to keep building upon our close relationship with Billboard Japan as we continue to introduce a growing number of music genres to our audience in China," said Gregory Bowers, CEO of Billboard Radio China.

Seiji Isozaki, general Manager of Billboard Japan's Charts and New Business Development division said, "In recent years, more Japanese artists are focused on crossing over to music markets within Asia. Not only are they playing international concerts, they have experienced an increase in media exposure within these countries."

"The past few years has seen the music-content business within Japan become stagnant, but as with Western markets, streaming has been a key factor in revitalizing the industry," he continues.  "We are very excited to have our Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart, which comprehensively captures the invigorated J-Pop scene, showcased on Billboard Radio China and hope it will grow to be an essential segment many Chinese listeners look forward to."

The new segment will join Billboard Dance / Electronic Chart and Billboard Latin Chart segments together, and air rolling Monday to Friday from 8:45 a.m. to 7:45 p.m. Beijing Time.