Calum Scott Talks Response to Coming-Out Song, Working With Don Diablo

Calum Scott
Billboard Radio China / Enzo Cheung

Calum Scott performs Nov. 1, 2018, on his "Only Human" Asia Tour at Music Zone @ E-Max, KITEC Hong Kong. 

U.K. singer-songwriter Calum Scott sat down recently with Billboard Radio China while in Hong Kong on his Only Human global tour. The British former HR rep catapulted to fame in the U.K. and around the world following his run on Britain's Got Talent. In Hong Kong for the first time, he discussed his rise to fame, evolution as an artist, and embracing his songwriting talent.

Scott's newest single, the self-penned and deeply personal "No Matter What," details his experience coming out to friends and family and puts into words the struggles that many in the LGBT community face when trying to accept themselves and express it to the world.

"It is a song about coming out, but also a song about acceptance," he shared. "And I think that at this point in time, we need those conversations to keep happening until we no longer need them."

The music that Calum Scott makes is clearly deeply personal to a number of his fans, hitting an emotional chord in a meaningful way. "The amount of messages I received is unbelievable," he shared, "both from people who have come out, people who have not come out yet, and from people who genuinely just want to show their support and their gratitude."

But, positive feedback hasn't always been the norm, and when his friends discovered he was gay, they abandoned him. The separation from these childhood friends created an emotional scar that haunts Scott to this day. As a result, he admits that he was scared when releasing "No Matter What," worried history could repeat itself and that people would walk away and abandon him all over again. Instead, he says, it has been the complete opposite, and if he had to do it all over again, he wouldn't change a thing.

Scott also discussed his experience working with Don Diablo on the song "Give Me Love," from Diablo's February 2018 release, Future.

"I'm a sad songs and piano kinda guy, so working with Don [on dance music] was the complete opposite of what I do but was so exciting," Scott said. "To work with him on a project that I knew was so different, it just excited me. The prospect of stepping outside of my own project and outside of that sad songs and ballads and heavy songs, to do something that you could put on in a club, I never imagined a Calum Scott song in a club in my life."

"It just breathed this completely new life into something in a direction that I would've never gone in. He is changing the way that we listen to music, and I am so grateful."

Scott released the special edition of Only Human on Friday (Nov. 30) via Capitol Records. Listen to the full radio interview, hosted by Doomkitty, on Billboard Radio China.