Japanese Girl Group SKE48 Drops New 'Stand By You' Video: Watch

Courtesy of Billboard Japan


J-pop girl group SKE48 released the music video for its 24th single, "Stand By You," set to drop Feb. 12, 2019.

The song is the comeback single for main member Jurina Matsui, who had been taking a break from performing since July.

The uplifting number is about members and fans coming together to celebrate the start of the Nagoya-based AKB48 sister group's 11th year and moving onward side by side.

The video's concept is "emotional ties" and features intricate choreography by the members dressed in the group's symbol color orange in a school setting.

Different versions of the CD single will also include other tracks by the group as well as a solo song by Kaori Matsumura, who announced her departure from the group in September.