C-Pop Star Karen Mok Talks 25th Anniversary, New 'Half Time' Album, Collab With Lay

Karen Mok attends the release ceremony for her new vinyl album, "Half Time,"  on Oct. 23, 2018, in Hong Kong.  Courtesy of Billboard Radio China/ Sony Music Hong Kong
Courtesy of Billboard Radio China/ Sony Music Hong Kong

Karen Mok attends the release ceremony for her new vinyl album, "Half Time,"  on Oct. 23, 2018 in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong-born C-Pop superstar Karen Mok released a new vinyl studio album, Half Time, on Oct. 31 with 11 Mandarin tracks under Sony Music Asia Pacific. 

This year is her 25th anniversary since she began her music and film career in Hong Kong. Billboard Radio China met this pop diva to talk about her new album, her new record label "Mok-A-Bye Baby Records" and plans for 2019.

Mok said she sees her career life as a ball game, and there will be the first half and second half. "I feel like I am exactly in the half-time of the game now, in both career and personally, thus resulting in this conceptual album at this point of my life," she shared.

This concept also applied to her tracks' sequences in the new vinyl album: "The first half section (side A) are produced by musicians who I used to work with in the past 25 years, while songs in the side B consist of new collaborations with young C-Pop artists like Lay Zhang, JJ Lin, Khalil Fong, Li Ronghao and so many."

She said being able to create different sparks with various musicians in the industry is what intrigues her the most. Mok met EXO's Lay Zhang in a Chinese music variety show, where she discovered his passion and talent for creating music. "At that time, I asked Lay to write a song for my next album back then, and he had efficiently finished after one week. I liked it very much," she shared. 

Earlier this year, Mok teamed up with Sony Music to launch her own music label, Mok-A-Bye Baby Records. The label name was inspired by the lullaby "Rock-a-bye Baby" because she sees music as her baby.

"It's been my dream to launch my own music label. So, along with Sony Music, I am looking for talented people, who are passionate about music," Mok said.

Currently, Mok is on tour, continuing The Ultimate Karen Mok World Tour until next year. Listen to the full Mandarin radio interview on Billboard Radio China.