X JAPAN's Yoshiki Invites Sarah Brightman for Classical Concert: Watch

Yoshiki and Sarah Brightman
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Yoshiki and Sarah Brightman perform "Miracle" on Nov. 12, 2018, at the X JAPAN co-founder's classical concert in Tokyo.

Yoshiki treated fans to an elegant evening featuring his piano performance backed by a full orchestra Monday (Nov. 12), presenting a mix of his own compositions and classical music for his YOSHIKI CLASSICAL 2018 concert.

The show was his first classically themed performance since his Carnegie Hall concert in January 2017, and fans flocked to the Tokyo International Forum Hall A to enjoy the rare experience.

Famous for his dramatically intense drumming and piano playing for the visual-kei rock group X JAPAN, Yoshiki has a solid background in classical music and has profound knowledge of the genre. The special evening featured a set based on songs that he either wrote or produced, laced with classical numbers that detail his musical roots.

Although the mood was more classical than rock, Yoshiki addressed his fans in between numbers with familiarity, sharing anecdotes about the music and encouraging them to sing along when possible. He mentioned wanting to see the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, expressing respect for the iconic band and noting that they too were greatly influenced by classical music, before breaking into the piano version of the song to the surprise and delight of the crowd.

He then invited special guest Sarah Brightman onstage to perform "Miracle," a new song on her latest album, Hymn. "After I wrote this song, I felt like I joined the ranks of composers at last," he admitted, and added with a smile, "After hearing Sarah sing it today, I feel more confident."

The concert was brought to a close with the familiar "We are…" "X!" call and response after the last encore.