Watch 'Dragon Ball Super: Broly' Teaser Featuring Daichi Miura's New Song, 'Blizzard'

Daichi Miura
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Daichi Miura

A trailer for the animated feature film Dragon Ball Super: Broly was released Wednesday (Nov. 7), teasing a snippet of J-pop singer-songwriter Daichi Miura's new song, "Blizzard."

The "Be Myself" star co-wrote the lyrics of the anime theme song, and shares that he was inspired by what he felt was the main concept of the latest film in the Dragon Ball franchise.

"Each Saiyan in the film has a 'wall' that he has to overcome," he notes. "The story deals with how each character conquers these barriers that need to be broken down in order to move forward. So I was hoping to channel that theme into the lyrics when I was working on it."

The trailer shows the explosive battles between three Saiyans -- Goku, Vegeta, and Broly -- taking place on what appears to be a frozen planet. Miura explains that the imagery of ice is reflected in the music: "Cracking ice and the way the three characters melt ice from within are some of the key elements sound-wise."

"Blizzard" was released digitally Friday (Nov. 9), ahead of its CD release Dec. 19. Daichi Miura kicked off his ONE END domestic tour Friday, and will perform 17 shows through Dec. 19. His five-stop arena tour is also set for next February and March.