G.E.M. Releases New 'Fearless' EP: Watch 'Woke' Music Video

G.E.M., "Woke"
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G.E.M., "Woke"

G.E.M. released her new EP Fearless on Friday (Nov. 9), her second of 2018, following August's My Fairytale. It is fronted by the creeping, mournful electro-pop track “Woke,” originally released on Oct. 18.

In August, Billboard Radio China reported that the Chinese pop star would release three EPs this year, each of which will feature three new songs written by G.E.M. and produced by her longtime music producer and collaborator Lupo Groinig. Along with “Woke,” Fearless also features the lilting pop ballad “Unexpectedly” and the anthemic, piano-based title track.

The music video for “Woke” features G.E.M. in various states of mental stability. In a statement, she said, “The maniac me in the music video represents that sometimes love can make one go crazy unconsciously and feel being misunderstood by the whole world, at that moment you will love unconditionally and wholeheartedly, and be willing to risk being hurt."

The popular Chinese singer, whose stage name is an abbreviation for "Get Everybody Moving,” is expected to release a third EP this year, completing the trilogy series.

G.E.M. recently was the inspiration for JEWEL, a new Chinese female superhero created by Stan Lee as part of a partnership between the artist, Lee and his company, Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment.

Watch the music video for G.E.M.’s “Woke” below: