Japanese Rock Superduo B'z Hypes 2019 Rugby World Cup With New Song

Courtesy of Billboard Japan


The Rugby World Cup is coming to Japan next year, and the excitement for the first tournament to be held in Asia is mounting. Japanese rock superduo B'z is helping set the mood for the festivities with a new track called "Tsuwamono, Hashiru," which will be featured in a TV commercial starring the members of the Japan national rugby team.

The commercial is for Lipovitan D, an energy drink by Taisho Pharmaceutical sold in Japan since 1962. The drink is the official sponsor of the 2019 Rugby World Cup, and the new commercial was produced to support team Japan, a tightly knit, hard-working squad that set the tone of the last tournament by accomplishing what was widely considered as the biggest upset in the history of rugby, defeating South Africa during the opening weekend.

B'z is celebrating its 30th anniversary in music this year, and the "Ultra Soul" pair -- Koshi Inaba on vocals and Tak Matsumoto on guitar -- have captured the hearts of their massive fanbase with boisterous and catchy hard rock numbers and entertaining concerts throughout their illustrious career.

The word "tsuwamono" in Japanese means "warrior" in this context, and the band shares that the song was inspired by "a feeling of reverence" for all the players on the pitch taking a beating to achieve victory. The Lipovitan D commercial features the latest rip-roaring offering by the duo as the soundtrack to the footage of Team Japan members training hard toward their next lofty goal.

Watch the B'z & Lipovitan D Japan Rugby Team commercial below: