Watch Kenshi Yonezu's First Fully Black & White Video, 'TEENAGE RIOT'

Kenshi Yonezu
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Kenshi Yonezu

Japanese singer-songwriter Kenshi Yonezu surprised fans at his concerts over the weekend by presenting his new music video for "TEENAGE RIOT" as the backdrop during his first live performance of the song set for release this week.

The "Lemon" hitmaker held two solo-headlining shows on Saturday and Sunday (Oct. 27 and 28) at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, where he performed the song in sync with the same backing band members as the video.

"TEENAGE RIOT" is a remake of a song Yonezu wrote back when he was still in junior high. The video is directed by Kyotaro Hayashi -- the creator of the beautiful visuals for Mr. Children's "here comes my love" and "Your Song," among others -- and aims to visualize the impulsiveness of teenage years by capturing Yonezu and the band's live performance in simple black-and-white.

Yonezu's first fully monochrome music video was released on YouTube Sunday (Oct. 28), about a week after his video for "Flamingo" hit a million views in mere hours.

"TEENAGE RIOT" and "Flamingo" were released Wednesday (Oct. 31) as a "double-A" single.