Japan's MACO Announces 'Fresh' New Album, Concerts in Taiwan and Shanghai

Courtesy of Billboard Japan 


J-pop singer-songwriter MACO announced the release of her fourth studio album, Koukan Nikki, in December and accompanying tour next spring.

The literal translation of the Japanese title of the set is "Exchange diary," a relatively common pastime among teenaged couples and friends in Japan of writing one's thoughts into a notebook for the recipient to respond in kind the next day.

MACO explains that she chose the title because it embodies the feeling of "wanting to get to know more about the person you like," which she thinks is "very valuable."

Popular among the teenage and 20s demographic for her heartfelt love songs and relatable lyrics, the 27-year-old artist's new set will actually be her first that will contain all new songs, which she's still currently recording.

"I think the album as a whole, including the sound, gives off a really fresh impression," she says. "I can't wait to deliver this positive album to many people."

The limited first edition of the album will come with a DVD featuring MACO's interview and documentary. The limited fan club "Merry Christmas" box set will come with a pair of original touchscreen gloves.

Koukan Nikki will drop Dec. 5. MACO will kick off the accompanying tour next March in Japan and has added concerts in Taiwan and Shanghai to her list of shows. Details of the overseas dates will be announced later.