Japanese Guitarist MIYAVI to Release Third 'Samurai Sessions' Collab Collection

Courtesy Photo


Japanese rock guitarist MIYAVI is set to release the third installment of his collaborative efforts with other artists, Samurai Sessions vol. 3: Worlds Collide, on Dec. 5.

The roster of artists he worked with -- on what he prefers to call a creative "interpersonal combat" rather than just a run-of-the-mill collaboration -- will be announced later, but he assures fans that the lineup includes artists from both Japan and around the world.

"They say 'music has no borders,' but a wall still does exist between music from Japan and those of other countries," the 37-year-old musician said about his highly anticipated release. "I want to demolish it together [with my collaborators]."

MIYAVI celebrated his 15th anniversary in music last year and kicked off his seventh world tour from Tokyo, traveling around various cities in his home country and South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Europe, Russia, the U.S., and Latin America.

The guitarist's new photo was shot by the renowned Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa and features a splash of her signature vivid colors in the background. The artwork for the album is by Naohiro Ukawa, a prolific modern artist who has worked with numerous musicians including Boredoms, Merzbow, Denki Groove and many others.