American-Chinese Superstar Khalil Fong Releases English Single 'Throw It Off': Watch

Khalil Fong
Courtesy of Billboard Radio China/ Vincent Chen 

Khalil Fong performs on Jan. 20, 2018 at Billboard Radio China Live in Hong Kong 2018.

American-Chinese singer-songwriter Khalil Fong -- who was Billboard Radio China's artist of the year in 2017 -- released his new English single "Throw It Off" under his own label, Fu Music.

With his signature soulful R&B vocals over a synth-induced soundscape, Khalil delivers a minimalist zen-like message. The line "You've got to follow your heart" is not the cliché expression of following your dreams, but rather the philosophy that the human heart is inherently noble. And that If we truly listen to our conscience, we can find our best qualities within.

In that same vein, the title and hook "Throw it off" is to be detached from things that hinder our growth and realization of our higher self.

The music video, filmed in four locations in southern part of China within Yunnan as well as Hunan's "Avatar Mountains," have Khalil on a journey through forests and difficult mountain paths, finally revealing a spirit animal that represents the best of values found in Chinese culture. 

Fong shared his inspiration with Billboard Radio China: "I chose the mythical Qilin because it is deeply rooted in Chinese culture and yet its association with morality and values is universal and is a topic that is becoming more and more important in the current age."

This hypnotic track is the main theme for his concert tour that begins this November.