Watch Veteran Japanese Rockers THE BACK HORN Revisit Indies Track in New Video

The Back Horn
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

The Back Horn

Japanese rockers THE BACK HORN released the new music video for their song "Doko He Iku" from their upcoming album ALL INDIES THE BACK HORN, which was released Wednesday (Oct. 17), consisting of re-recorded songs from their independent days.

The video was shot at Shinjuku LOFT, a small music club in Tokyo where the band has played numerous times during their career. The 20-year veterans kicked off their anniversary tour from this historic venue at the beginning of this month.

About 300 fans of the band were invited to participate in the shoot as part of the WE THE MUSIC project organized by TOKYO FM and WIZY, an online platform that connects fans with artists through co-creative and interactive projects.

"Doko He Iku" was the title track of the THE BACK HORN’s first indies mini-album. The four-member band shared the video as a way of looking back at their journey so far while also signifying a fresh new start on their anniversary year.