Watch Japanese Singer-Songwriter Yasuyuki Horigome's New Video Starring Actress Non

Yasuyuki Horigome
Courtesy of  Billboard Japan

Yasuyuki Horigome

J-pop singer-songwriter Yasuyuki Horigome released a new music video for "WHAT A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT," the lead single from his upcoming new album, What A Wonderful World.

The simple but beautifully shot video features the actress Non (born Rena Nonen) gazing at the lights of Tokyo from inside a bus, seemingly lost in thought. The work is like a scene from a movie, with the subtle expressions on her face shifting gradually as the song progresses.

Non and Horigome first worked together last year when the actress was featured in a commercial for a major communications company featuring the song "Aliens" by KIRINJI, which Horigome composed.

"WHAT A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT" was produced by Koichi Tsutaya, a musician and music producer known for his work with Superfly and numerous other J-pop acts. The video was directed by Tomokazu Yamada, who shot the innovative "single-take" video for Yuzu's "Uta Yell" and many other visuals for artists including Sakanaction, Wednesday Campanella, Aimyon and Chara.

Yasuyuki Horigome's second studio album, What A Wonderful World, is set to drop Wednesday (Oct. 10).