C-Pop Star G.E.M. Inspires Stan Lee's New Female Superhero

Courtesy of Billboard Radio China/ Hummingbird Music  

C-Pop superstar G.E.M. (center) attends Stan Lee Comic Universe in Shanghai with Bob Sabouni (left) and Shane Duffy (right) from Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment.

American multimedia production company POW! Entertainment, co-founded by legendary comic-book writer Stan Lee, launched its first Stan Lee Comic Universe in Shanghai, Oct. 1-3.

During the three-day event, they announced a new original project: a female superhero character inspired by the global Chinese pop star G.E.M.

Stan Lee and G.E.M. first met in December 2017 in Hong Kong, and the pair had a great connection. Lee's team decided to develop a new female superhero character inspired by G.E.M., named JEWEL.

POW! CMO Bob Sabouni shared with Billboard Radio China in Shanghai, "G.E.M. epitomises awe-inspiring talent and girl-power in her strong performances and influential lyrics," while CEO Shane Duffy said, "Turning her into a superhero is a no-brainer." 

In the storyline, G.E.M.'s character is a successful recording artist on a world tour. A mysterious incident happens involving her grandmother and a charm bracelet in which she develops super powers that she needs to keep hidden. She disguises herself with a costume and calls herself JEWEL as she battles villains while dealing with her daily pop star life.

In August, G.E.M. released her highly anticipated E.P. My Fairytale, the first chapter of her Fairytale Trilogy; each of the three releases will feature three new songs.