Late X Japan Guitarist hide's Documentary Set for Release on DVD & Blu-ray

© 2018 "HURRY GO ROUND" Production Committee 

The documentary HURRY GO ROUND, commemorating the life and music of the late X Japan guitarist hide, will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on Dec. 5.

The movie looks back on the charismatic visual-kei rocker's legacy through the eyes of navigator Yuuma Yamoto, an established actor who visits hide's hometown of Yokosuka, Japan, and also flies to L.A. to visit locations where the late artist spent the final months of his life. The documentary was released in Japanese theaters in May and is still being screened overseas.

Interviews with hide's family and close collaborators shed light on the beloved musician's legacy. Those who share their stories include hide's younger brother and personal manager Hiroshi Matsumoto, music producer and hide's band member I.N.A., recording engineer Eric Westfall, Japanese music magazine Rockin'on Japan's editor-in-chief Yoichiro Yamasaki, and of course Yoshiki, the leader of X Japan.

The theme song, "Hurry Go Round (hide vocal Take 2)," was a previously unreleased vocal track that I.N.A. found during the shooting of this documentary, 20 years after hide's passing.

The bonus feature for the DVD/Blu-ray will include the full studio footage from when the "Hurry Go Round" demo was being recorded, a shorter version of which appears in the documentary. It will also include a director's cut of the interviews, plus some other rare and unreleased material that adds further insight to the main feature.

The ongoing "hide 20th Memorial Project" is planning his "Birthday Party 2018" at Shinkiba Studio Coast on Dec. 13.