NEWS Leads, Namie Amuro Charts 9 Songs on Japan Hot 100

Namie Amuro
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Namie Amuro

J-pop boy band NEWS shoots to No. 1 on the latest Billboard Japan Hot 100 dated Sept. 10 to 16 with "Ikiro," selling 159,676 copies in its first week and leading three metrics of the chart's measurement: physical sales, look-ups, and Twitter mentions.

BOYS AND MEN's "En Tenka Dasshu" bows at No. 2 with 137,807 copies sold. The 10-member regional boy band comes in at No. 2 for physical sales, No. 11 for Twitter, and No. 26 for radio airplay, but needed about 6,000 more points to take the top spot this week.

Japan's R&B superstar Namie Amuro retired from music on Sunday (Sept. 16), and nine of her past hits have charted in this week's Japan Hot 100: "Hero" (No. 11), "Baby Don't Cry" (No. 24), "Can You Celebrate?" (No. 40), "Just You and I" (No. 42), "Love Story" (No. 55), "Don't Wanna Cry" (No. 58), "Sweet 19 Blues" (No. 60), "Get Myself Back" (No. 74), and "Hope" (No. 77).

The initial release dates for these songs range from the '90s to late last year, proving that she truly was a songstress that represented Japan's Heisei Era, which will also come to an end next year. Most of her songs were fueled by download points but also collected a fair amount through radio and Twitter, indicating that her songs are being listened to by people of all ages.

The charming frontman ISSA of DA PUMP, who also hails from Amuro's hometown of Okinawa, touched fans on Monday (Sept. 17) by inserting a part of her choreography from "A Walk in the Park" into the group's live TV performance of "U.S.A." as a tribute to the retiring star. The long-running hit drops to No. 4 on the Japan Hot 100 this week, but continues to lead streaming and video views for the 12th consecutive week and actually racked up more points overall than it did the week before. 

The Billboard Japan Hot 100 combines physical and digital sales, radio airplay, Twitter mentions, YouTube and GYAO! video views, Gracenote look-ups and audio streams from Apple Music, AWA, Google Play Music, KKBOK, LINE MUSIC, Rakuten Music, Recochoku provided by Gfk Japan, as well as streaming counts based on lyrics displayed on PetitLyrics.

Billboard Japan Hot 100 Top 20 (dated Sept. 10 to 16)
1. Ikiro / NEWS
2. En Tenka Dasshu / BOYS AND MEN
4. U.S.A. / DA PUMP
5. Lemon / Kenshi Yonezu
6. Bedtime Story / Kana Nishino
8. Ai No Katachi feat. HIDE (GReeeeN) / MISIA
9. Idea / Gen Hoshino
10. Daifuseikai / back number
11. Hero / Namie Amuro
12. Black Bird / Aimer
14. Koko Ni / Kanjani 8
15. Ambivalent / Keyakizaka46
16. Moshi Kimi Wo Yurusetara / Leo Ieiri
17. IDOL / BTS
18. Zutto Summer De Koishiteru / Niji No Conquistador
19. Fanfare / sumika
20. Jikochu De Iko! / Nogizaka46