Watch Pop-Rockers MONKEY MAJIK & Japanese Comedy Duo Sandwich Man's Viral 'Umarvelous' Video

MONKEY MAJIK and Sandwich Man
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

MONKEY MAJIK and Sandwich Man

The pop-rock band MONKEY MAJIK and Japanese comedy duo Sandwich Man collaborated on a song called "Umarvelous," and the accompanying music video for the disco-flavored number with hilarious lyrics is going viral in Japan.

The song's title combines the English "marvelous" and the Japanese "umai," meaning "tastes good" in this context. It builds off the popular comedy duo's recent schtick that insists most foods don't have calories because of absurd reasons such as "donuts have holes in them and are shaped like zero," "pierogis are fried in temperatures that calories can't withstand," and "alternating between sweet and savory cancels out the calories."

The song also includes many other key phrases of the comedy duo's routines, and the chorus is basically just a list of food names, including some regional delicacies of Sendai, where both groups hail from.

The lead singer and guitarist of MONKEY MAJIK are Canadian brothers Maynard and Blaise Plant, and their understandably impeccable pronunciation of the English lyrics of the song makes it sound a lot cooler to Japanese ears than it should, considering the comic content.

The equally silly and fun video for the song has already exceeded 1.2 million views on YouTube after being released at the end of August.

MONKEY MAJIK and Sandwich Man have known each other for a while as they both have roots in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, located in the northeastern region of Japan. The city was hit by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, and both groups have extensively contributed their time and efforts towards the restructuring of the region after the disaster. 

How awesome would it be if singing this song really did result in zero calories like these funny guys insist? Watch the "Umarvelous" video here: