Singapore's Jasmine Sokko Releases Debut Warner Music Single, 'HURT': Listen

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Courtesy of Jayden Tan/Billboard Radio China/Warner Music Singapore
Jasmine Sokko

Singapore's rising singer/producer Jasmine Sokko returns with her new single, "HURT," which marks her major-label debut on Warner Music Singapore.

The banger melds her penchant for melancholic lyrics with fiery beats and talks about getting hurt by tough love in a relationship. Written and produced by the enigmatic singer, the song delves deep into a new music direction for Sokko as she fully embraces her love for electronic pop.

She shares to Billboard Radio China, "In life, the person you care about will hurt you because they were trying to be honest. A person's intention is something that can never truly be transferred. It's just created and understood."

"Their actions might come from a good place, but you could perceive it in a different way. In my case, I wanted to do the same to the person who unintentionally hurt me -- just so they'll understand. It's a bit petty, but it was how I felt at the time." 
Sokko divulges that she has gone through a long period of writer's block: "I couldn't do anything for three months. 'HURT' came and flowed so naturally. I wrote the song in one session, and it made it clear why I do what I do. I played it for my close friend, and we both cried. It's very honest."
Since her debut in September 2016, she has played festivals like Ultra Singapore 2017 and more. She has performed at the Puma Night Run and the Gucci 2018 Summer Collection showcase. She has opened for international music acts like The Chainsmokers, MØ and Lauv.