Gen Hoshino's 'Idea' Tops Japan Hot 100 Without Physical Sales Points

Courtesy of Billboard Japan
Gen Hoshino

Gen Hoshino's new single, "Idea," blasts in at No. 1 on this week's Billboard Japan Hot 100 dated Aug. 20 to 26, becoming the first song since PIKOTARO's "PPAP" to lead the Japan Hot 100 without physical sales points.

The opening track for NHK's drama series Hanbun Aoi became available for download Aug. 20, and the music video was released the same day. The singer-songwriter also hosted his own music variety program on NHK later that day, and his subsequent media exposure boosted downloads, with the single selling 193,238 units to rule the metric.

"Idea" also excelled in other metrics of the chart's measurement: No. 1 for radio airplay and Twitter mentions, No. 2 for video views with over 4 million views on YouTube, and No. 7 for streaming. The "Koi" singer, who topped Billboard Japan's 2017 year-end song chart, adds another achievement to his list of accolades by becoming the first act to hit No.1 since PIKOTARO's global viral hit "PPAP" on the chart dated Oct. 31 to Nov. 6 (Nov. 14), 2016.

The single that leads physical sales this week is "one more purple funk... -katana-" by ENDRECHERI, the solo project by J-pop duo Kinki Kids' Tsuyoshi Domoto. The Johnny's group member appears in the all-star cast of the live-action Gintama The Movie 2, and the song is the opener for the related dTV original spinoff drama. The CD sold 73,397 copies in its first week, but the song lacked momentum in the digital metrics -- No. 2 for Twitter, No. 7 for look-ups, No. 36 for radio -- and debuted at No. 4 on the Japan Hot 100.

Meanwhile, back number's "Daifuseikai," the theme song for the Gintama sequel that hit Japanese theaters Aug. 17, shoots to No. 2 this week on the Japan songs chart. The track came in behind ENDRECHERI at No. 4 for physical sales with 32,845 copies sold, but scored enough points in the other metrics -- No. 1 for look-ups, No. 2 for downloads, No. 3 for radio, No. 23 for video, No. 35 for Twitter -- to override the difference in CD sales.

DA PUMP's "U.S.A." topped video views for the ninth week in a row, preventing Hoshino's "Idea" from sweeping up this metric as well. The viral video racked up over 8.5 million views this week, over double the view count for "Idea." "U.S.A." has charted for 13 consecutive weeks now, 12 of them in the top 5, and continues to enjoy its solid hold on the upper ranks of the Japan Hot 100.

The Billboard Japan Hot 100 combines physical and digital sales, radio airplay, Twitter mentions, YouTube and GYAO! video views, Gracenote look-ups and audio streams from Apple Music, AWA, Google Play Music, KKBOK, LINE MUSIC, Rakuten Music, Recochoku provided by Gfk Japan, as well as streaming counts based on lyrics displayed on PetitLyrics.

Watch Gen Hoshino's "Idea" music video here:

Billboard Japan Hot 100 Top 20 (dated Aug. 20 to 26)
1. Idea / Gen Hoshino
2. Daifuseikai / back number
3. U.S.A. / DA PUMP
4. one more purple funk... -katana- / ENDRECHERI
5. Ambivalent / Keyakizaka46
6. Ai No Katachi feat. HIDE (GReeeeN) / MISIA
7. Jikochu De Iko! / Nogizaka46
8. Lemon / Kenshi Yonezu
9. Natsu No Magic / SNUPER
11. Be Myself / Daichi Miura
12. Moshi Kimi Wo Yurusetara / Leo Ieiri
13. Marigold / Aimyon
14. Little Riddle / Anzu Futaba (CV: Hiromi Igarashi), Rika Jogasaki (CV: Nozomi Yamamoto), Asuka Ninomiya (CV: Shiki Aoki), Koume Shirasaka (CV: Chiyo Ousaki), Mirei Hayasaka (CV: Ayaka Asai)
16. GO!!! / EBiSSH
17. Ao To Natsu / Mrs. GREEN APPLE
18. Uchiage Hanabi / DAOKO x Kenshi Yonezu
19. Kagayakidashite Hashitteku / Sambomaster
20. Mission! Ken Kou Dai Ichi / Red Blood Cell (CV: Kana Hanazawa), White Blood Cell (CV: Tomoaki Maeno), Killer T Cell (CV: Daisuke Ono), Macrophage (CV: Kikuko Inoue)