Watch Gen Hoshino's ?Quirky, Innovative New Video, 'Idea'

Gen Hoshino
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Gen Hoshino

J-pop singer-songwriter Gen Hoshino released his new single, "Idea," on Monday (Aug. 20).

The "Doraemon" singer's new song is the opener for NHK's ongoing drama series Hanbun Aoi, and until the track was digitally released at midnight on Monday, that was the only place you could hear it. The song wasn't played on the radio or promoted in any way before its official release, and the full music video also dropped a few hours after the song on the same day.

Hoshino is known for his quirky, innovative videos, and his latest for "Idea" doesn't disappoint. Over 70 cameras were positioned in a 3,000 square meter studio, where the 37-year-old artist dressed in a black suit dashes from one section to the next to sing the song.

Viewers can see what goes on "behind the scenes" as the crew, band, and dancers also rush about to create each segment in what seems like a single take.

Watch Gen Hoshino's "Idea" video here: