K-Pop Duo MXM Reveals Debut Album, 'More Than Ever': Watch Preview

Courtesy of Billboard Radio China

MXM (BRANDNEWBOYS), a rookie K-Pop duo from the Korean TV show Produce 101, presents their first full-length album, More Than Ever, 11 months into their official debut in September 2017. More Than Ever is a final chapter of the MIX, MATCH, MORE trilogy of the group who has toured nine international cities and sold out four major fan meetings and shows so far.

The debut album will feature 14 tracks with 12 brand new songs, co-produced by the two members, Lim Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun. The two main singles will be "Ya Ya Ya," a catchy hip-hop song, and "Checkmate," a funky K-Pop dance song, which shows the diversity in MXM's style of music.

"We've worked really hard to get to this moment of presenting an official full album to the fans. We are so happy that it is finally out, and we are very proud of the outcome. As much as we've worked hard on this, we are going to work even harder to present the best of us on this album run," Lim told Billboard Radio China in an email interview.

Watch MXM's album preview here:

Kim added: "I am happy that more people will get to find out about us and get to know about us through this album. The best thing we can do is to work hard to keep putting out good music and performances."

Their Brand New Music labelmate Lee Dae Hwi from the K-Pop project group WANNA ONE participated in the album, producing two new songs for MXM: "Hoping That You'd Love Me" and "Dawn." Lim and Kim also have their solo tracks where one shows an R&B / hip-hop side ("Can't Take My Eyes Off") while another presents an acoustic-based song ("Naturally Curly").