Japan's back number Delivers Solid First Dome Tour Set in Tokyo

Yasumasa Handa/Billboard Japan
back number

The popular J-pop band back number rocked the packed crowd at Tokyo Dome two days straight for their first domestic dome tour over the weekend (Aug. 11-12).

The lucky fans who got a hold of the immediately sold-out tickets responded with delighted cheers when the band opened the "stay with you tour" set with last year's "Mabataki" and launched into the summery pop number "SISTER."

After frontman Iyori Shimizu acknowledged the crowd with a brief, "Good to see you. Enjoy," the band delivered a satisfying selection of ballads and pop hits old and new, including "Aoi Haru" and their latest single, "Daifuseikai." 

During the show, Shimizu thanked fans over and over for attending the band's major milestone dome concert: "A first-ever dome tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for any band," he said to the crowd. "We appreciate your being here to witness our day. Thank you so much. We put so much effort into creating these songs, and want you all to see how we perform it here at Tokyo Dome. Please enjoy the show."

back number will release "Daifuseikai," the theme song for Gintama The Movie 2, on Aug. 22. The movie, which is the highly anticipated sequel to the highest-grossing live-action film of 2017, will hit Japanese theaters Friday (Aug. 17).