K-Pop Singer SHAUN's 'Way Back Home' Tops BTS and BLACKPINK on Charts

Billboard Radio China


The new No. 1 single on the K-pop chart in Korea is not your ordinary K-pop track. A DJ/producer and keyboardist of the indie rock band THE KOXX named SHAUN is charting over K-pop super groups such as TWICE, BLACKPINK -- and even BTS.

Over the past few weeks, the tropical-house dance track "Way Back Home" has been going up and down on trending charts in Korea, and as of Tuesday morning (July 17), the song scored a grand slam by charting No. 1 on official charts of the three major Korean music services: MelOn, Genie and Olleh Music. Also, the song is charting in the top three on Apple Music and Bugs in Korea.

"Way Back Home" started to create a buzz in a Korean dance community, where fans were posting and sharing SHAUN's live performances from his club shows and festivals on Facebook and Instagram. After the videos went viral on the social world, the song started to get exposure on TV and digital trending charts.

Some K-pop fans have been accusing the artist and management of a streaming scam because of the track's sudden success without the big fan bases of the idol groups, but the management team DCTOM states on their official press release that there is no streaming scam. 

"There are a lot of noise on SHAUN at the moment, but his latest achievement should not be criticized, but should be perceived as a great example of how a good song can succeed from attractive contents and strategies, without a massive hardcore fanbase," DCTOM Entertainment told Billboard Radio China via email interview.

SHAUN debuted in 2010 as a keyboardist and back-up vocalist of veteran Korean indie-rock band THE KOXX. Throughout the years, he has also worked with big-name K-pop artists such as EXO, BTS and f(X) as a producer, and also been actively involved as a DJ, making appearances at major club shows and dance festivals in Korea.