TWICE Announces First Japan Album, 'BDZ'

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Courtesy of Billboard Japan

The multinational girl group <a href="/music/twice">TWICE</a> is set to release its first Japan album, called BDZ, on Sept. 12.

"BDZ" is an abbreviation of "bulldozer," which symbolizes the members' wish to be tough and live strong: "Making nothing of the big wall facing them and breaking it down like a bulldozer to keep moving forward."

The album will include the title track; the group's Japan debut single, "One More Time"; "Candy Pop" and its B-side track, "Brand New Girl"; "Wake Me Up"; and "I Want You Back" -- a <a href="/music/the-jacksons">Jackson 5</a> cover that was recorded as the theme song for a Japanese rom-com movie -- plus five new songs.

The title track, produced by longtime collaborator J.Y. Park, will be the album's lead single. Pre-orders for BDZ began Friday (June 22).