Japanese Rapper KREVA Set to Release New Five-Song EP: See Tracklist

Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Pioneering Japanese rapper <a href="/music/KREVA">KREVA</a> is set to release a five-track EP, called Sonzaikan, on Aug. 22.

The veteran hip-hop artist had a busy 2017 with the release of his seventh solo album, Uso To Bonno, in February, and his group KICK THE CAN CREW's comeback album, KICK!, in August -- their first album in 14 years -- and touring throughout Japan in support of both releases. The 42-year-old released his debut as a solo artist in 2004.

Sonzaikan, which is Japanese for "Presence," contains five new tracks: "INTRO," the beautifully tense opener with a dark beat and melodious piano; the melancholic title track, "Sonzaikan," that the EP was built around; the introspective "Ore No Suki Wa Semai" (meaning "What I Like is Limited"); "Kenko" ("Health"), which candidly expresses human nature; and the seamless closing number, "Hyakunin Isshun."

KREVA explained that he impulsively expressed what he currently feels, thinks and is trying to put into practice in the five new tracks, which focus on himself as an individual: "When I released Ai Jibunhaku (his second album from 2006), I had a global perspective," he said. "Last year's Uso To Bonno was written for 'the person next to me,' and now with Sonzaikan, it's like I've finally arrived at 'the individual.'"

The limited first edition that comes with a DVD containing the music video and the making-of feature will be released along with the regular version.