English Electronic Duo HONNE Surprised by Success in Asia: Watch Interview

Courtesy of Charlie Cummings/ Warner Music Hong Kong / Billboard Radio Chinaa


If you are looking for something sexy, sensual and perfect for late night, check out the album Warm on a Cold Night by English electronic duo <a href="/music/honne">HONNE</a> (James Hatcher and Andy Clutterbuck). The duo sat down with Billboard Radio China in Hong Kong to share their music.

Hatcher and Clutterbuck began working together at their university, and their 2016 breakout debut album, which included the hit "Someone That Loves You (featuring <a href="/music/izzy-bizu">Izzy Bizu</a>)" reached 40 million streams on Spotify. "Thankfully, this project took off, and here we are, traveling around the world. It's fun," they shared.

HONNE are surprised about the success of their music in Asia. "We talk about real things, things that are true to us," they said. "We don't want to sound like anyone else. People can explore for themselves. We don't think it fits into an obvious genre."

As fans eagerly await the next album, HONNE revealed a transition to more "day time," including hip-hop elements and tracks such as "Day 1?" and "Sometimes?."

Learn more about HONNE's musical journey in the full interview on <a href="" target="_blank">Billboard Radio China</a>, and watch the interview highlights video here:
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