Watch End of the World's New 'Sazanka' Video Starring Ryunosuke Kamiki

Sekai No Owari
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Sekai No Owari 

The J-pop band End of the World ("<a href="/music/Sekai-No-Owari">Sekai No Owari</a>" in Japanese) released a new single called "Sazanka" (meaning "Camellia," a type of flower) digitally, and will drop a physical version on Feb. 28.

The four-member pop band's first release of 2018 is a song that tells a story about those who pursue their dreams and the people who watch over and support them, written as the theme song for the NHK Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and Paralympics broadcast.

The music video for the song features frontman Fukase playing the part of a caring older brother to the aspiring young artist played by popular actor Ryunosuke Kamiki. The video was based on Fukase's idea and directed by Yuichi Fujishiro, who depicts the daily interactions between the two brothers revolving around the dinner table.

Kamiki has starred in numerous Japanese films, including Bakuman and March Comes in Like a Lion, and voiced many animated features such as Spirited Away and Your Name. He agreed to appear in the video after being offered the part by Fukase, who explains that he couldn't think of anyone else more fitting for the image he had in mind for the younger brother.

Watch End of the World's music video for "Sazanka" below:
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