J-Pop Group Golden Bomber Give Away 'Birthday and Wedding Song'

Golden Bomber's Sho Kiryuin
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Golden Bomber's Sho Kiryuin

<a href="/music/Golden-Bomber">Golden Bomber</a>, the J-pop entertainment group that never fails to deliver, released a track from its latest album royalty-free. In other words, the band's giving the song away.

The track is called "Tanjobi Demo Kekkonshiki Demo Tsukaeru Uta," which literally translates to "A song that can be used for birthdays and weddings." It's included in the group's latest album, Killer Tune Shika Ne-yo, released Wednesday (Jan. 31). The title roughly means "All our tunes are killer," and it's the foursome's first studio album in two-and-a-half years. 

Golden Bomber is a visual kei "air" band, meaning none of the members except the singer Sho Kiryuin actually play instruments. Kiryuin is also the one who writes all the songs, so the group can pull off an event where everyone including the other band members hears the new tracks for the very first time. 

The band held such an event Monday (Jan. 29) and announced that the "Birthday and Wedding Song" will be controlled by Golden Bomber's agency, and that there is no need to inform record companies and music publishers regarding its use. The band basically gave up its rights to the song, so nobody has to pay royalties or license fees to use it, which means other artists are free to record and release it if they want.

Kiryuin explained that he had often received requests from fans for a song that could be played at birthday parties and weddings, and decided to write one and give it away so that many people could use it without worrying about having to pay royalties for it.