X JAPAN Documentary 'We Are X' Released in Russia

Yoshiki of X Japan
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Yoshiki of X Japan

The iconic visual kei band X JAPAN's documentary WE ARE X has been commercially released in Russian theaters.

The film will be screened as a double feature in approximately 100 movie theaters across the country with SOS to the Sailor, a mockumentary featuring Russia's legendary rock group Mumiy Troll.

This unexpected collaboration came together because X JAPAN's leader <a href="/music/Yoshiki">Yoshiki</a> has long been friends with Ilya Lagutenko, the founder and lead singer of one of the most popular musical acts in Russia.

Premiere events for the double feature were held Monday (Jan. 29) at Cinema Karo 11 Oktober in Moscow and Wednesday (Jan. 31) at Cinema Karo 11 Okhta in Saint Petersburg. Both Yoshiki and Lagutenko were present for Q&A sessions after the screenings.