AKB48 Announces New International Sister Group MUM48, Based in India

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The Japanese girl group AKB48 announced the formation of a new international sister group based in Mumbai, India, called MUM48.

The Japanese girl group <a href="/music/AKB48">AKB48</a> announced the formation of a new international sister group based in Mumbai, India, called MUM48. The latest offshoot will mark the fifth group based in a city outside Japan, after Jakarta's JKT48, Bangkok's BNK48, Taipei's TPE48 and Manila's MNL48.

Yui Yokoyama, the current leader or "general manager" of AKB48 and all of its sister groups, appeared in a live stream on Wednesday (Dec. 27) hosted by the streaming platform SHOWROOM that specializes in connecting girl groups with their fans. The stream was set up to release "AKB48's final important announcement of 2017," which she wasn't informed about beforehand, so she guessed along with viewers based on hints provided during the show.

The first hint was a world map, which prompted speculations such as "a world tour" and "worldwide selection" from viewers. Most seemed to guess correctly what the news would be after seeing the second hint that displayed the international sister group logos, while Yokoyama mentioned that she wants to visit Bolivia to see the Uyuni salt flat. The final hint, "Indian Curry," was the clincher.

The logo color for the new group will be light green, expressing the lush nature of India and growth. Details regarding auditions are still pending, but information will be updated on the official MUM48 Facebook page.