J-Pop Boy Band Sexy Zone's Yo Marius Guest Stars in New Season of 'Fuller House'

WireImage/Courtesy of Billboard Japan
The cast of "Fuller House."

Netflix's original series Fuller House returned Friday (Dec. 22), and Japanese viewers have something extra to be excited about: The second part of the third season starts off in Tokyo and features <a href="/music/Sexy-Zone">Sexy Zone</a> heartthrob Yo Marius as the guest star in upcoming episodes.

A trailer teasing Marius's scenes was released, showing the Fuller House characters arriving in Tokyo for a wedding and having a blast. D.J.'s son, Max, and Kimmy's daughter, Ramona, visit a hip area of Tokyo called Shimokitazawa where they happen to run into Marius's character, who appears to be both helpful and notably handsome. Marius looks like he's fitting in comfortably in his first American sitcom role.

The teaser also shows Ramona up on stage with Sexy Zone, a very real and very popular five-member Johnny's boy band. She exclaims incredulously, "You're in a boy band?" to which Marius gives a winning grin, as Max looks on amidst the crowd of adoring girls waving LEDs.

The original Full House series was popular in Japan back in the day, and its sequel 30 years later also has a strong following. The collab between the hit sitcom and Japanese boy band is already creating a buzz, so here's hoping Marius's character becomes a recurring one and he gets to stay in the Fuller House characters' story arcs in the future.

Watch the preview here:

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