Wednesday Campanella's Kom_i Talks 'Vogue Japan' Women of the Year Honor

Kom_i of Wednesday Campanella
Somerley Ha/Courtesy of Billboard Radio China

Kom_i of Wednesday Campanella performs at Clockenflap music festival in November 2017 at Central Harbourfront Space in Hong Kong.

Wednesday Campanella are a new Japanese group equipped to become the first international breakthrough act from the island nation in years.

As the trio hit Hong Kong for the first time during the city's Clockenflap music festival in November, singer Kom_i wowed the audience through multiple fan interactions during the performance, going from covering the whole crowd with a massive piece of fabric to crowd surfing inside a giant transparent ball during the last song, "Momotar?."
After a wild performance, the unstoppable Kom_i sat down for a 10 Questions interview with Billboard Radio China to talk more about their music and thoughts about performing in Hong Kong.
Kom_i is impressed by the Hong Kong views and tall buildings, but the ancient-looking ground levels reminds her of old Japan. She explained she didn't know what to expect of the atmosphere from the audience in Hong Kong.

"I can imagine the personality of the audience in some countries, but in Hong Kong, it's too international, there are so many Asians and foreigners, it's mixed, so I can't really imagine the personality in there," she explained.

Kom_i said she likes to use physical power to excite the crowd, and explained she copied her favorite band, <a href="/music/The-Flaming-Lips">The Flaming Lips</a>, by crowd-surfing in a giant inflatable ball.
Kom_i is not only a singer and performer, she's also rapidly become a fashion icon. She was recently selected by Vogue Japan as one of their Women of the Year 2017. Kom_i is not afraid to experiment with different styles of clothing. She told us that she pieces together her unique outfits through online shops and from different independent designers around the world. "The jacket that I wore in the first song, the pink one, is from an indie designer in Hong Kong," she shared.
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Wednesday Campanella's music is described as J-Pop with electronic and house influences, but Kom_i described it as "half silly and half serious." When it comes to trying new genres, Kom_i expressed that she doesn't like rock music, but she is willing to experiment with more hardcore electronic styles like the Dutch subgenre gabber, known for its overdriven distorted bass sampling.

During the Clockenflap performance, she expressed her wish to come back to Hong Kong in the future. While with Billboard Radio China, she explained she'll be coming back to the city once again. At the rate the group is growing, it won't be long before they're headlining their own shows in Hong Kong and around the world.
Check out the full 10 Questions interview on <a href="" target="_blank">Billboard Radio China</a> to find out more about Wednesday Campanella and Kom_i.