Jackson Wang Will Be 'Okay' In New Music Video: Watch

Jackson Wang, "OKAY"
Courtesy Photo

Jackson Wang, "OKAY"

Jackson Wang, a member of the K-pop group GOT7, dropped his latest single “Okay” today, and he isindeed  feeling good right now.

A Sino-Korean song co-written by Wang, “Okay” premiered through a music video uploaded to the artists's VEVO channel on YouTube. In the video, he sings and raps about getting over heartbreak backed by a mellow trap beat; “I told myself that I’ll be okay,” reflects Wang gruffly in the chorus.

The smoldering music video for “Okay” depicts Wang in a variety of scenes, portraying an anguished, destructive lover post-heartbreak amid rich surroundings, a burning dessert, and a softly lit wilderness; other sets feature him reflecting on his past relationship while brooding seductively in a bath and shower. The video concludes as he sets it all aflame, only for Wang to then appear outside of the literal frame of reference while looking melancholically at a portrait of the previous events.  

“Okay” was co-written by Wang and producer BOYTOY, with the lyrics credited solely to Wang. It is his third single of 2017, following "Generation 2," a collaboration with Pepsi that peaked at No. on the China V Chart, and "Papillon." All of Wang's solo releases have come out of his work in China and are distinct from his activities as a member of the seven-member K-pop group. 

Watch the music video for “Okay” below: