Watch KZ Tandingan Throw Surprise Wedding for Her Parents' 25th Anniversary

KZ Tandingan
Courtesy of KZ Tandingan via Facebook

KZ Tandingan

Billboard Philippines chart-topper KZ Tandingan went big to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her parents, and it was all a surprise.
Five years ago, when Tandingan graduated from college, her parents had their wedding rings melted to be made into a college ring as a gift for her.

"It broke my heart that my parents took off the symbol of their marriage just to be able to give me a ring, a ring I didn't ask for," Tandingan said in a statement. "I promised myself, I would work hard and make sure I give them wedding rings in the future."
In celebration of their 25th year, Tandingan gave them new rings and threw them a surprise wedding in Davao on her father's birthday.
Watch the heartwarming video here:
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