Bebe Rexha Talks Florida Georgia Line, Her U.S. Tour With Bassy: Interview

Bebe Rexha
Courtesy of Billboard Radio China

Bebe Rexha performs during the Boutique Boulevard 2017 at The Landmark in Hong Kong on Oct. 13, 2017.

Talking about <a href="/music/Bebe-Rexha">Bebe Rexha</a>, you might recognize her voice from worldwide hits "In the Name of Love," "Me Myself and I" and "Hey Mama," or you might have seen her performing with <a href="/music/Martin-Garrix">Martin Garrix</a>. But she is also the writer/co-producer behind chart-topping singles, including "The Monster" (<a href="/music/Eminem">Eminem</a> ft. <a href="/music/Rihanna">Rihanna</a>) and "Like a Champion" (<a href="/music/Selena-Gomez">Selena Gomez</a>)."

During her first visit to Hong Kong, performing at The Landmark's Boutique Boulevard 2017, she sat down with Billboard Radio China to talk about her new album, what's next and her local fans. 

Bebe just dropped her new album, All Your Fault Part 2, with the stand-out hit "Meant to Be" featuring <a href="/music/Florida-Georgia-Line">Florida Georgia Line</a>. "Working with a country group is such a fresh experience for me, and it taught me one thing: a great song, no matter the style," she shared. "This is a special record and special year for me."

All Your Fault Part 2 also features <a href="/music/Lil-Wayne">Lil Wayne</a>, <a href="/music/2-Chainz">2 Chainz</a> and <a href="/music/Gucci-Mane">Gucci Mane</a>, and on gathering such talent together, Bebe explained it's all about respect. "I just reached out to them, and they respect my music," she said. "Respect in the music business is something I work very hard on. I don't want to be just a pretty pop star that dances onstage, although there's nothing wrong with that in the entertainment industry. I want to be respected with my songwriting and production skills, and not many female artists can do this."

Moving forward, Bebe can't wait to start her new Bebe & Bassy Tour. "I believe the artists that stood the test of time are the ones that start small and build bigger. This is my second headlining tour with a bigger venue and more fans, and I am more hands on with everything," she explained. 

On her first visit to "Asia's World City" and her local fan base, Bebe noted that, "Hong Kong is such a diverse place with amazing food. I love Peking Duck." She also said she couldn't wait to  "invite the fans to sing along and have a good time." 

Hear the full interview with Bebe Rexha on <a href="" target="_blank">Billboard Radio China</a>, or watch the highlight video here:
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