Maggie Lindemann Talks Performance Prep and Going International: Interview

Dan Regan
Maggie Lindemann

<a href="/music/maggie-lindemann">Maggie Lindemann</a> has been smashing stages around the U.S. and internationally for the past few years. The 19-year-old singer might be best known for her 2016 debut single, "Pretty Girl," but her strong social media presence and growing international fame are signs that she's destined for more than a single hit song. Last month, <a href="/music/the-vamps">The Vamps</a> dropped a new song, "Personal," featuring Lindemann.

The singer sat down with Billboard Radio China in New York to discuss everything from dressing up and going international to being in the public eye and her musical influences.

The singer, originally from Dallas, performed at this summer's Billboard Hot 100 Festival, her debut American festival performance. Talking about getting prepared for the performance, she touched on the issue of having to deal with two aspects of performance: the physical and the mental. She explained that she rehearses for a long time to get ready for a performance, getting the songs together and figuring out the physicality of it all, but then needing to get into the right head space as well.

One thing she added was how important it is for her to get her outfits right and how Billboard was a special change in appearance for her, going for a Barbie-branded shirt and very pink styling instead of her usual attire.

Considering the past year and a half has been a whirlwind of growth and international exposure for the teenaged singer, Lindemann was very put together and gracious over the unexpected success of "Pretty Girl."

Explaining that she knew the song was really good, she said she still didn't expect the lengths to which it would go and expressed her amazement that it has gone as far as it has. She said it was "unreal and amazing" and that she was "super happy and grateful."

More recently, from the success of the song and the growth of her name, Lindemann embarked on a pop-up tour, hitting spots on the East and West Coast of the U.S. and even an international performance in London.

Talking about that tour and her fans, Lindemann said, "I had an absolute amazing time. I hope to go on tour again. It was super cool. The fans were amazing, super interactive, and it was amazing. Some of them cried, they scream, they go crazy."

Finally, Lindemann made an interesting statement that could be taken as either a threat or a promise, depending on how people treat her. While she's openly talked about other artists and genres as influencers in the past, this time, Lindemann was all about the inner circle in talking about the way she gets influenced to write.

Explaining that she's mostly influenced by people in her life and what she's going through, she said, "Whatever I'm feeling or going through or experiencing, I'm going to write about that. So, if you do me wrong, you influence my song. If you do me right and you're a really amazing person
in my life, I'm going to write about you."

With that in mind, you can dive into Lindemann's full catalog and try to figure out which songs were written about which people in her life. 

Check out the full interview at <a href="" target="_blank">Billboard Radio China</a> or watch the highlights here:
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