Japanese Nu Metal Band Maximum the Hormone Rocks Latin America With Sold-Out Shows

Maximum the Hormone
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Maximum the Hormone

Japanese nu metal band Maximum the Hormone wrapped up their first South American concerts, rocking the local crowds in Brazil and Chile with their unconventional, anything-goes blend of nu metal and hardcore punk with elements of pop, hip hop, funk, ska, reggae and noise thrown in.

The four-member alternative metal band has toured North America and Europe before, including a headlining gig in New York City. They sold out two nights in their first South American trek: Via Matarazzo in Sao Paulo on Oct. 24 and Teatro La Cupula in Santiago on Oct. 26, which was a feat in itself considering the band hasn't officially released any CDs outside Japan.

The band faced a bit of technical difficulty at the Santiago show when the power to the stage went out before the set began and the crowd of 1,500 were kept waiting 30 minutes for the crew to fix the problem.

But once the concert began, the Latin American audience went wild for the extreme but often humorous entertainers -- Daisuke Han warmed the crowd with his newly learned dirty words in Spanish, for example -- and the band reports on its Instagram that the members were pleased to find that everyone seemed to know the words to their songs and also to have bras hurled at them "like overseas rock stars!"

The foursome went on to play on the main stage at <a href="/music/slipknot">Slipknot</a>'s Knotfest Mexico 2017 on Oct. 28 as the only Japanese band in the lineup. They posted incredible photos of their Latin American excursion on Instagram, such as this one:
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