Watch Tomoyasu Hotei's Heartfelt 'Hitokoto' Lyric Video

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Courtesy of Billboard Japan
Tomoyasu Hotei

<a href="/music/tomoyasu-hotei">Tomoyasu Hotei</a> released the lyric video for his new song, "Hitokoto," off his latest album, Paradox, which dropped Oct. 25.

Shot in London, where he currently lives, the video opens with the iconic guitarist with a pen in hand, deep in thought. We see him spending a quiet day playing his guitar and piano at home with a big dog by his side and gazing at the sunset by a river, which is a stark contrast to the lyrics that describe how lives are being lost in war in another part of the world.

The script that appears on the screen is in his own handwriting, and his surprisingly neat penmanship -- he's a rocker, after all -- conveys the song's heartfelt message that a simple "I love you" can create the future but often goes unheard.

Hotei has released two other lyric videos for songs off his new album: "Dreamers Are Lonely," which shows him walking alone determinedly through the streets of London, and a geometric neon animation for the rocking first track "Amplifire." 

Watch the "Hitokoto" lyric video here: 
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