TWICE's 'One More Time' Becomes Group's First No. 1 on Japan Hot 100

Courtesy of Billboard Japan

The multinational girl group <a href="/music/twice">TWICE</a>'s first original Japanese-language single, "One More Time," crowns the latest Billboard Japan Hot 100 dated Oct. 16-22 after selling 219,131 CDs in its first week. The song rules three metrics of the chart's methodology -- physical sales, Twitter mentions, and video views -- giving the girls their first No. 1 on the Japan Hot 100.

Prior to dropping their CD single and securing the top spot, the song spent four weeks on the Japan Hot 100 powered by overwhelming strength in video views. The music video was viewed almost 1.5 million times during its first week and over 3.4 million times during the subsequent weeks, demonstrating once again that the medium is TWICE's forte.

Combined with their enduring strength in Twitter mentions, which also hit No. 1 last week, it looks like the nine-member group has another lasting hit on its hands.

AAA's new single, "LIFE," shoots up from No. 25 to No. 4 on the Japan Hot 100 after spending six weeks on the tally. The CD single was released during the chart week, and the points for physical sales (No. 4) boosted the song's position.

The song continues to do well in other metrics too, coming in at No. 7 for streaming, No. 6 for radio airplay, No. 8 for look-ups, and No. 9 for Twitter. It's currently being featured as the theme song of an ongoing TV drama series, so the track could rise further on the Japan Hot 100 depending on how popular the show becomes.

The resurgent disco hit "Dancing Hero" by Yoko Oginome, which made a glorious comeback after 32 years by hitting No. 2 on the Japan Hot 100 back in late September, continues to grace the chart this week. The novelty of the song's revival on the Billboard Japan tally got a great deal of press, and the song rose again this week to No. 16 from No. 28.

Weekly video views for the song also surged from 1.9 million times to 2.8 million times, which in turn have aided the song's performance in downloads and streaming. The veteran singer is scheduled to perform the song on NHK's live music program Utacon on Tuesday (Oct. 31) together with the high school dance club that made her old hit famous again, so the song's craze will probably continue for a while.

The Billboard Japan Hot 100 combines physical and digital sales, radio airplay, Twitter mentions, YouTube and GYAO! video views, Gracenote look-ups and audio streams from Apple Music, AWA, Google Play Music, KKBOK, LINE MUSIC, Rakuten Music, Recochoku provided by Gfk Japan, as well as streaming counts based on lyrics displayed on PetitLyrics.

Watch the "One More Time" music video here:
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Billboard Japan Hot 100 Top 20 (dated Oct. 16-22)
1. One More Time / TWICE
2. YUME no MELODY / Mag!C Prince
3. Itsuka Dekiru Kara Kyou Dekiru / Nogizaka 46
5. Uchiage Hanabi / Daoko X Kenshi Yonezu
6. Te Wo Tsunagu Riyuu / Kana Nishino 
7. Hana No Uta / AimerOne More Time / TWICE
8. Light Year Song / Yayoi Takatsuki (Mayako Nigo), Makoto Kikuchi (Hiromi Hirata), Ami/Mam Futami (Asami Shimoda), Hibiki Ganaha (Manami Numakura)
9. Shape of You / Ed Sheeran
10. Step Up LOVE / DAOKO X Yasuyuki Okamura
11. Haiiro To Ao (+ Masaki Suda) / Kenshi Yonezu
12. ONE / Aimer
13. DNA / BTS
14. Aki Kaze Ni Te Wo Futte / Yumi Aiba (Juri Kimura), Riina Tada (Ruriko Aoki), Yuka Nakano (Shino Shimoji) 
15. Kaze Ni Fukaretemo / Keyakizaka46
16. Dancing Hero / Yoko Oginome 
17. (RE)PLAY / Daichi Miura
18. TT / TWICE
19. Zassou / HIKAKIN & SEIKIN