Venezuela's La Vida Bohème Added to Estéreo Picnic Music Festival in Colombia

Courtesy of Billboard Venezuala
La Vida Bohème

Venezuelan bands have taken over the international music festival scene with important groups like Los Amigos Invisibles, Desorden Público, Tomates Fritos, <a href="/articles/news/international/7858107/venezuela-viniloversus-days-of-exile-english-album">Viniloversus</a>, <a href="/articles/news/international/7998434/venezuela-los-mesoneros-tour-south-america">Los Mesoneros</a> and Okills being mainstays on Latin American music festival rosters for many years. 

Now it's alt-rock band <a href="/music/la-vida-boheme">La Vida Bohème</a>'s turn. The band, who moved to Mexico a few years ago, has attracted an indie-rock audience with their aesthetic and music that reflects on native culture. 

La Vida Bohème recently announced that they will be performing at the Estéreo Picnic Music Festival in Colombia. The event will not only feature the best of the Latin American music scene but also the many important acts in the international industry, such as The Killers, Gorillaz, LCD Soundsystem, Lana Del Rey, DJ Snake and more. The confirmed dates are March 23-25, 2018. 

La Vida Bohème will be promoting their recent album, La Lucha, an intense show of rock and traditional Latin culture all mixed up into one of the band's most-acclaimed works.

Check it out with the video for their recent single "Lejos":
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