Brazilian Singer Lexa Talks Reggaeton-Inspired New Single, 'Movimento': Interview

Lexa, 2017
Courtesy of Billboard Brazil


Everything going through Brazilian singer Lexa's mind right now is work.

The carioca has been busy promoting her new single, "Movimento," rehearsing the choreography for the TV show Dancing Brasil [the Brazilian version of Dancing With the Stars] of RecordTV and other rehearsals for the Samba School Unidos de Bangu, of which she'll be the Rainha de Bateria next Carnival.

In the middle of it all, Lexa still finds the time to talk to her fans on social media and share with them bits of her life.

Lexa talked to Billboard Brazil about her new single and her busy schedule in 2017:

Your new single, "Movimento," isn't your first track influenced by reggaeton. This is a good moment for Latin music.

Yes, the DJs call it "funkton." We mix the funk beat and the way it's sung with elements of reggaeton and quizumba. I don't simply follow the trend, I get the best of what's in right now, what I think has something to do with my work. "Movimento" is a song that talks about that: movement, dancing.

Brazilians have been releasing lots of reggaeton-inspired songs; it doesn't matter if the genre that the artist usually sings. 

It's because it's good. And it didn't just become a hit in Brazil, it became a hit worldwide. It's opening doors for collaborations. Reggaeton makes you want to dance, and Brazilians love to dance. So, people started listening to it, playing it at parties. Many Latin artists that we didn't know are showing up. We want it to disseminate.

Do you feel like singing in Spanish? What about featuring with a Latin artist? 

I'm always open to possibilities. Right now, I'm focused on this song, but I'm always studying the opportunities. I think the more good songs, upbeat ones, the better. I sing what I live, what I see, what I experience so that people can relate to it.

You released the video/flash mob to "Movimento," and it's all about dancing. How was the creative process? 

I wanted to show that anyone can dance. It doesn't matter your race, your sexuality, everyone can dance and have fun. Our focus, our unity was the dance, the joy, the movement. 

Is this the official video? What about the feature with Tati Zaqui? 

We worked with different strategies for this single. First, we released the song. Then, the flash mob, and later, I'll release another video with Tati. That makes it three good and big moments for the song. The public feel like, each time, the song is new. 

Dance is something that's part of your work. Now, you're part of the TV show Dancing Brasil. How did you get the invitation, and how's the experience? 

They had already invited me for the first season, but I was too busy. They called me again and I ended up saying yes. I'm having too much fun, learning a lot. I'm sure it'll make my work more valuable. It's like I'm starting from zero again. There are rules that I had no idea existed. It's harder than I thought it'd be. 

What is it like to do it all at the same time? 

Unfortunately, no one has invented a clone yet, but I keep searching for mine. To handle it all, give interviews, rehearse, do the TV show, release a single, record a music video. And I'm not even talking about my personal life -- I pretend it exists. Right now, it's all work, no play. I'm focused on my career and in what I can give to people. 

What was the biggest challenge in the TV show? 

To control my emotions. It's too much. I remember it all: my lack of time, how much I wanted to be with my family, how I wanted to work even more. It's like a movie in front my eyes and I have to hear the jurors saying they expected more. I get their sides, I understand that's their job, but they have to understand mine as well, you know? 

After "Movimento," what are the next steps for 2017? 

I'm releasing another single. I wanted to release two. We already know which song will be released, but I always want to bring something new to the table. That's why I don't talk much: I want people to be surprised. My work is made of this -- surprising people. Being like a phoenix, reinventing myself all the time. That's what's amazing about it, being able to be outrageous, fearless. Pop gives you this opportunity.