Watch New Mobile-Only Video From Malanga's Chapis Lasca, 'Cantaclaro'

Chapis Lasca, 2017
Courtesy of Billboard Venezuela

Chapis Lasca

Once the Venezuelan singer Chapis Lasca got a few years of making music under his belt and established a distinct sound and successful career, the experiments start to grow.

Many other singers, such as Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys and Brandon Flowers of The Killers, have enjoyed the same freedom that comes from taking on solo projects in the studio.

Lasca, well known as a member of band Malanga, decided to release a new LP titled 0 (Cero), something that he precisely described as an "experiment."

You can see his work in action in his latest video, "Cantaclaro," which was directed by his brother Vadim Lasca and recorded with an iPhone 5s with the intention of being seen solely on a mobile device.

The single talks about heavy topics such as mass media’s influence on society, corruption and social media's effect on humanity. The video, which features a large cast, reveals the conditions of Venezuela and reflects on themes closest to Lasca's heart.

With an upcoming third album and a role as a music producer with the Celtic music band Gaelica on the horizon, we are sure to see more music videos from Lasca in the near future.

Check out the <a href="" target="_blank">"Cantaclaro" video</a> by clicking the link on your mobile device.