Asian Superstar Eason Chan Announces New Album and World Tour, 'C'mon In'

Courtesy of Universal Music Hong Kong
Eason Chan

Asian superstar Eason Chan's new Mandarin album, C'mon In, will release in early October, coinciding with his upcoming 18-city world tour, which starts Sept. 22 in Beijing.

Considered by many to be the king of both Canto and C-Pop, four singles already released from Chan's upcoming album have scored a combined 60 number ones across Asian charts, with 4 million downloads in China alone.

The superstar coach of Sing China -- the country's most-popular talent reality show -- was once inadvertently pulled onstage in Macau by Madonna, who believed him to be an ordinary fan, until Madonna learned afterwards exactly who this very special fan was. See video here:
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Eason Chan's C'mon In Tour schedule:
Sept. 22: Beijing
Sept. 24: Chongqing
Sept. 26: Shanghai
Sept. 28: Guangzhou
Oct. 11-12: Hong Kong
Oct. 24: Amsterdam
Oct. 28: Berlin
Oct. 30: Paris
Nov. 4: London
Nov. 6: Manchester
Nov. 10: New York
Nov. 11: Toronto
Nov. 14: Vancouver
Nov. 18: San Francisco
Nov. 24: Taipei
Nov. 26: Kaohsiung
Dec. 2: Malaysia
Dec. 3: Singapore